In order to fully meet the needs of your company, additional functionality can be added to BRS. We would ensure that this functionality is provided in line with our current product ethos – clear, simple online due diligence, with information that is easy to find and use.

Online Due Diligence

Head office functionality can be supplemented by areas and sites, to allow your company administrators to configure a bespoke hierarchy to exactly match your company structure, reporting requirements and access permissions. This will allow Head Office, your other locations and staff to be given access to the correct level of information. Your administrators will have control over the information that is accessible to each level within the hierarchy, enabling you to ensure that each user only accesses the information that you would like them to view.

Auditing Function

Our audit function allows online audits to be completed and stored online. Our online audit system will come complete with standard audit templates that enable you to demonstrate continued compliance with key legislation and industry best practice.

Audit templates will be made available across the regulatory areas, and the system will have the functionality to modify these templates to suit your company’s own tried-and-tested audit templates, giving you complete flexibility for the future.

The audit functionality would enable a variety of checks to be uploaded at various frequencies e.g. daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks with corresponding corrective actions that have taken place, where necessary.

Incident Reporting

An incident reporting tool can be added to the system to allow you to report and alert individuals of any accidents/ incidents using forms relevant to your business. They will then also be stored on the platform along with your other regulatory documents in one central location which can be easily accessed and reported on.